Low Risk - Fixed Scope

We don't have the overheads of large marketing agencies so your budget goes further.
For the majority of our work, we work on a fixed price basis. No surprises, no hidden fees.
Get in touch if you'd like to get more information or see examples.
Single Page Redesign
R10 000

Small, subtle revisions to pages are a secret weapon. On app or website.

Cloud Workflow
R5 000

Integrate your favourite apps through a workflow designed to your specific needs.

Data Dashboard
R5 000

A business intelligence dashboard that integrates multiple data sources into one view.

Landing Page
R10 000

A best practices landing page with tracking for your next marketing campaign.

Marketing Email
R10 000

A marketing email following best practices designed for a specific objective or campaign.

Newsletter Template
R5 000

The structure to reliably deliver great content to your audience in a branded email.

Email Drip Campaign
R10 000

A series of emails designed to onboard or nurture potential customers.

CI Design & Guide
R18 000

A striking and impactful visual identity, complete with a thorough brand application guide.

Website Starter Packages

All our sites are designed on PlusDigital's web CMS software. Control your online business anywhere with our simple to use online interface. Edit webpages, manage blogs. It’s as easy as point and click!


The ideal plan for giving getting started and establishing an online presence.

  • R1 000 per month
  • plus R10 000 base price
  • 5 Pages
  • 1 user
  • Standard Analytics Configuration
  • SSL Secure
  • Hosting Included
  • CMS with 1 Collection


Kick your website up a notch with this professional plan.

  • R2 000 per month
  • plus R20 000 base price
  • 10 Pages
  • 2 Users
  • Custom Analytics Configuration
  • SSL & CDN
  • Email Support
  • CMS with 3 Collections


Built with large organizations in mind. It's time to get heavy.

  • R9 000  per month
  • plus R50 000+ base price
  • Unlimited Pages & Collections
  • 10 Users
  • Tracking With Attribution
  • Advanced Security
  • 5 hours Support & Maintenance
  • Account Manager

Common Sense Tactics With a Creative Spark

Get in touch if you'd like to know more or see examples of our menu of fixed price services.
  • Low-Risk
  • Save time, money and unnecessary stress
  • Grow your business
  • Secure & supported
  • Stunning design